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Rosewood Homes & Real Estate is located in Sioux Falls, SD. The company is Celebrating 10 years of success in Business! Lawrence and Rachael Weissenburger are the owners of the Residential Contracting and Real Estate Company. What began with a vision of what a new home building experience should be, together, they created the Stress Free Home Building Process. This process ensures guidance through all the important decisions leading to your brand new home. With over thirty years of combined industry experience, and a reputation as a premier homebuilder, Rosewood Homes surpasses the industry in quality craftsmanship, extraordinary design, personalization possibilities, and time saving alternatives.


Rosewood Homes

Lawrence and Rachael believe experience is a major key to receiving a Quality Product, having worked on A frames, timber frames, log homes, and I.C.F homes and countless hours on many diverse job sites, they integrate their knowledge into each and every one of their custom homes and remodel projects.

The owners, recognized a common issue, Custom Building is not for everyone! This process takes extra time out of your everyday life, money and lot’s patience. Realizing many clients purchase move in ready homes, they launched Rosewood Real Estate services to their process early 2012. They have the knowledge, years of experiences selling model homes and resources to help their client’s find the perfect home. If the home is not so perfect, they can provide useful tips and provide an estimate for remodeling services prior to purchasing the home.

Lawrence and Rachael are passionate about serving their community and customers. They take the time to understand your wants and needs; they help you make a wise an informed decision, whether it’s Custom Building a Home, or Buying a Move In Ready Home, or Selling a current Residence, or Remodeling a Home to fit Your Lifestyle. Lawrence believes there is no end in sight and is always striving to learn new techniques to perfect the Residential Industry. Rachael has gained valuable knowledge, thus allowing her to hold a high level of professionalism. The big, creative ideas that stem from this professionalism become reality because Rachael believes in making them a reality. Having a solid plan for these ideas prevents mistakes, and equals successful out comes. Along with their staff, they work as a team to build strong and caring relationships with their customers, their vendors and their sub-contractors and local real estate agents.

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