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South Dakota MapWelcome to Surf’s Up Interactive, a small (but mighty) web design outfit located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
We’re miles away from an ocean, but we still love to surf the internet and create radical web sites.


Unique Web Design

At Surf’s Up Interactive, clients come first. We listen. We get to know you and your business. Simple step that sets Surf’s Up Interactive apart.
This insight allows us to build a customized, radical web site that fits around the look and feel of your business, not restrict your business with generic templates. It’s how your site will make one killer first impression. And how we’re different by design.
Remember the people who spent their Saturday nights surfing the net? That’d be us.
And those nights of surfing the web gave us super knowledge about how to create your radical web site. So go ahead, tap our nerd gene. We’ll create one radical, hard-working web site you’ll love.

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